[PATCH] Fix menu item widths in KStyle-based styles

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 2 16:41:00 GMT 2008


> Meanwhile QMenuPrivate::calcActionRects() iterates over each action in
> the menu to be displayed and calculates the maximum item width (using
> the current style's sizeFromContents() which includes the shortcut
> text width) and also the maximum "tab width" (width of the shortcut
> text).  It then adds the maximum tab width to the maximum item width
> at the end to get the final width.

Thanks. Nice catch.

> I think the error here is in the QMenu code, since I would consider
> the shortcut text part of the contents of a menu item and so the style
> should have control over the amount of space allocated for it.
> However, I also don't think this bug can be fixed within Qt since it
> would break existing 3rd-party styles.

The expectation has always been that styles are coded against whatever Qt
does, and not anything one would think logical or find in the

Attached is a trivial patch
> against KStyle which fixes the problem, although the documentation
> needs updates as well to explain the problem.
> One question is what to do about the AccelSpace enum value in
> kstyle.h.  Removing it would be BIC.

How about the attached alternative? There is no reason to not add the
margin, is there?

Note: if you're fine with it, please commit, I have no net access on my
development machine atm, and might not for a few days

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