changing the parent of a KConfigGroup

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Jan 2 05:43:48 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 01 January 2008, kde.braxton at wrote:
> this shouldn't break anything, because if you look at fullName() it
> recursively calls parent->fullName(mName). So changing parents, it
> should return the correct name. The problem seems to be that the way
> this is written, it can't work because the _actual_ entries in the
> entryMap are not changed to the new name.

so now that we've both stated the problem, what's the solution? ;) as i said:

"i'm not sure how to re-jig the entry map in KConfig as there's a fair amount 
of black magic in there still. this is the point i'm hoping someone can pop 
up and offer some quick guidance on."

so .. yes, how do we change the actual entries in the entryMap in the most 
sane way?

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