changing the parent of a KConfigGroup

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Jan 2 01:37:31 GMT 2008


working on plasma stuff today i had the need to move a config group to a new 
location in the file. i either had to descend through the potential group 
hierarchy and copy over the entries one by one and then remove the old group, 
which all seemed rather clumsy, or else just change the parent group. 
unfortunately for me (and for dragging plasmoids between containments in 
plasma) there is no way to change the parent group of KConfigGroup.

i figured "how hard could it be?" the attached patch makes this more or less 
work, but i need some cosult with those who have been working on KConfigGroup 
stuff lately, in particular with how it relates to the internal entry map ...

known limitations:

- you can't move KConfigGroups between KConfigs (as noted in the apidox on the 
new method); mostly this is because i'm really unsure what the implications 
of changing the mOwner or sOwner in a KConfigGroup would be and haven't 
researched it thoroughly yet; what i have seen so far tells me it would be a 
bit non-trivial. it would be cool if this limitation was also removed, but 
this patch at least suffices for my simple needs.

- reparent() may not be the best of names; anyone have a better idea?

- KConfigGroup::entryMap, readEntry, etc prior to a sync and re-load is almost 
certainly broken with this patch after a reparent() as KConfigGroup just 
passes in the fullName() of the group to the KConfig object to fetch these 
things. it works for me because i'm recreating the config object as needed, 
but will break in situations where the same KConfigGroup is reparented then 
used again. however, i'm not sure how to re-jig the entry map in KConfig as 
there's a fair amount of black magic in there still. this is the point i'm 
hoping someone can pop up and offer some quick guidance on.

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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