Kate crash on exit - windows only?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Fri Feb 29 13:59:55 GMT 2008

David Faure schrieb:
> On Thursday 28 February 2008, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Kate crashes on exit due to weird (?) unloading behaviour. I can see 
>> that qt_call_post_routines() is already executed and KServiceTypeFactory 
>> is destroyed. Later QObjectCleanupHandler/KPluginFactory is destroyed 
>> and katepart lib gets unloaded. During the unload, KatePartPluginManager 
>> dtor is executed
> This is a memory leak in the application. This the katepart pluginmanager should
> be deleted much before QObjectCleanupHandler triggers.
Ok, thx for this information - I'll see how to fix it and post a patch


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