khelpcenter porting status

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Thu Feb 28 14:52:42 GMT 2008


i like to inform that khelpcenter is now able to display KDE 
documentations on windows systems (tested with Windows xp). There were 
some issues in the kio_help slave which prevents displaying of pages and 

Searching through the whole documentation is disabled and *not* ported 
because of the following reasons:

- the unix version of khelpcenter uses htdig as external tool for 
indexing and searching which isn't ported in the kde context yet. 

- For KDE 4.x strigi is used as a "buildin" desktop search engine and if 
it would be able to index and search KDE docs too, htdig could be 
dropped to avoid having multiple search engines in KDE 4. The strigi 
homepage lists 
some oasis format, so indexing xml seem to be possible, but html and 
docbook are not explicit listed, so I cannot say if this would be possible.


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