Add a KCModule (KCron) into System Settings

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Thu Feb 28 13:18:12 GMT 2008


I'm actually trying to convert KCron application into a KCModule to
integrate it into System Settings.

The code is compiling, and the service is called kcm_cron. I'm
unfortunately unable to add it to System Settings. I thought it was
due to some needed parameters in kcm_cron.desktop
(X-KDE-System-Settings-Parent-Category=notifications), but it does not
change anything. Please note that notifications category is for test

I've tried all possible additional commands : database update
(kbuildsycoca4), a menu update (update-menus), a library update
(ldconfig) as root.

Of course, the widget is not integrated into the KCModule, but if it
was loaded, I could at least see the kDebug() message in the
systemsettings logs, but this is not the case.

So, is their a solution, or something wrong in the kcm_ configurations
files to let it be displayed in system settings ?

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