Editable script actions

Paulo Moura Guedes moura at kdewebdev.org
Wed Feb 27 15:43:33 GMT 2008


Currently, scriptable applications can be extended using Kross but there is no 
easy way to easily extend the menus with new actions which will execute the 
user scripts. The attached patch tries to simplify that task in KXMLGUI 
applications. It allows to place new actions in existing top menus (and 
submenus) or to create new ones. It uses the Kross XML file format.

All an application has to do is to derive from KParts::ScriptableMainWindow 
instead of KParts:MainWindow. Optionally one can use the two new 
KStandardActions "edit_script_actions" and "reset_script_actions" and connect 
with the slots provided by KParts::ScriptableMainWindow:

KStandardAction::editScriptActions(this, SLOT(slotEditScriptActions()), 
KStandardAction::resetScriptActions(this, SLOT(slotResetScriptActions()), 

The implementation of slotEditScriptActions() is just a proof of concept.


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