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Michael Jansen info at michael-jansen.biz
Thu Feb 21 13:43:02 GMT 2008


Attached is a patch that fixes http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=154647 

To be honest it doesn't fix the problem leading to the crash, but i'm not 
adept enough to fix kextendableitemdelegate at this time. The problem was 
exposed by globalshortcutsmodule using one kshortcutseditor class for all 
components. The new dialog uses one kshortcutseditor instance per components 
and uses a qstackedwidget to switch them.

Be aware that not all problems are solved with this patch ( Apply/Revert don't 
work correct). But i would like to get it out so it doesn't get to big. And i 
have to change kdelibs for the remaining problems.

I'm absolutly new to kde/qt development so i would prefer if someone checks my 
implementation. Especially concerning memory leaks.

Michael Jansen

PS Can someone tell me how to convince kmail to to wrap line in the middle of 
words? I can't seem to find such a option.

Michael Jansen


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