guaranteeing compatibility for KDE modules ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Feb 20 19:37:59 GMT 2008


in general we guarantee source and binary compatibility to KDE 4.0.0 for all 
KDE 4.x.y
Do we guarantee that for all KDE modules, e.g. also for kdebase ?

My point is, now cmake modules are also included in this guarantee and I'd 
like to keep that burden for us as small as possible.

Each installed cmake module has to be kept source compatible for all of KDE 4. 
So the less we install, the less work we have. If this is broken, then 
suddenly a 3rd party application may not build anymore while it did before.

There are some KDE modules where the cmake modules which will be installed are 
explicitely listed by name. I think this is a good approach and we should do 
this everywhere (where we want to install cmake modules). It has the effect 
that not every cmake module is created is automatically installed and adds to 
the amount of code we have to keep source compatibility.
I'd like to change this also for kdelibs to this style.
Objections ?

The following KDE modules explicitely list which cmake modules will be 
installed, so this was probably a conscious decision.
Maintainers: you are aware that you have to keep compatibility for these 
modules for all of KDE4 ?

kdegraphics: FindOkular.cmake
kdepim: FindKode.cmake KodeMacros.cmake
kdevelop: FindKDevelop.cmake KDevelopMacros.cmake
kdevplatform: FindKDevPlatform.cmake

The following modules (+kdelibs) use a wildcard and install all their modules:

kdepimlibs: CheckTimezone.cmake FindGpgme.cmake FindLdap.cmake 

kdebase/workspace: FindLibXKlavier.cmake FindPAM.cmake FindSensors.cmake 

kdebase/runtime: FindCLucene.cmake FindXCB.cmake

kdegames/: GGZ.cmake FindLibKDEGames.cmake

I'd like to make the modules from kdebase not installed anymore.
What about the other modules, pimlibs and games ?
At least I'll convert this to an explicit list of modules.


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