[RFC][PATCH] split kutils -> {kprintutils,kcmutils}

Marc Mutz marc at kdab.net
Wed Feb 20 12:29:35 GMT 2008


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Currently, the only reason kutils links against kparts and therefore kio is 
that it contains kprintpreview.cpp. All the rest is fine with just kdeui.

I hate situations where you have to drag along lots of libraries that you 
don't use. What's more: for kleopatra-standalone (part of upcoming 
gpg4win-2), it's downright unacceptable, since we need to keep the download 
size as small as possible.

So, here's a patch to split kutils into
   1-> kcmutils : kdeui
   2-> kprintutils : kparts
kutils is retained with a dummy.cpp, linking against both new libs, for 
compatibility with 4.0. This works on ELF, and 4.0 wasn't released on Windows 
and Mac, so it won't be a problem there. That leaves non-ELF Unix platforms. 
Does this trick work there, too?

I suggest to do a sweep over kdelibs to see if there are any other such 
situations. They're embarrassing (like linking against the default kde4 
library collection for libs that need only kdecore or kdeui, as seen and 
fixed before 4.0.0 in kdepim(libs)). kio : streamanalyzer comes to mind, but 
that's probably too late now.

I would like to apply this patch to both branch and trunk.


Marc Mutz - marc at kdab.com, mutz at kde.org - Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB
Platform-independent software solutions - www.kdab.com info at kdab.com
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