[PATCH] Animations enable/disable system wide

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Tue Feb 19 14:59:46 GMT 2008


> the how is pretty easy: Solid::PowerManagement. the when is a bit more
> involved, particularly figuring out what to put in the user interface for
> the user to work with.

Nah, it would be easy anyway. That interface contains a signal:


We could make this signal be polite and not only difference between AC adapter i
s (un)plugged, but depending on the battery level also. Another signal could be 
added for telling if the AC adapter has been plugged or unplugged.

> > Before getting this into the public API, I think we should think well
> > about this , now changes should be thought twice before committing,
> > specially in topics lik e this one. I vote for changing the bool for an
> > int, so we don't shoot ourselves on the feet.
> well, an enumeration in any case. =)

That for sure :)

> > How to call those methods, and what values the enum should have ?
> graphicEffectsLevel()?

Yup, agreed :)

> glamour()? ;) we could have Jenine Gorafalo at the low end and Angelina
> Jolie at the high end? (yeah, yeah, i'm joking)

LOL, you rock man xD

> i'd make it a set of flags (so multiple values can be |'d together),
> probably somethin glike:
> GraphicEffect {
> NoEffects = 0,
> GradientEffects = 1,
> SimpleAnimationEffects = 2,
> ComplexAnimationEffects = 4 };
> Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(GraphicEffects, GraphicEffect)

Despite I agree with the values, consider we can get our hands really dirty with 
the gradient thing. We have gradients everywhere, and I mean, everywhere. I cons
ider for instance the gradient of systemsettings for categories or with dolphin 
with the categorized view, is not harming performance... But if you have differe
nt ideas, just speak up :)

Rafael Fernández López.

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