decibel and dbus names

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at
Sun Feb 17 14:24:20 GMT 2008

Hi Aaron, hello list,

It took me a while to notice this message, I'm not (yet) on kde-core-devel.

You are right: Decibel is using de.basyskom in its D-Bus names. I did not
want to intrude into the KDE namespace without permission, so I used ours
instead. I asked on IRC a couple of times whether I may use, but
so far did not get a definite reply (yes, I should have asked on the
mailing lists).

>From your mail I assume such a change is desireable, so I'll do it in the
next couple of days. It is one string constant and a couple of config
files to update, nothing mayor (I did come prepared;-).

Decibel being in kdereviews was not yet officially announced, so we have
some leasure to fix small issues like these:-) And yes, basysKom is still
supporting the development of Decibel.

Best Regards,
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