KDynamicSetting new class proposal

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 00:18:15 GMT 2008

>     enum Setting { invalidSetting = 0,
>                    generalFont,
>                    fixedFont,
>                    toolBarFont,
>                    menuFont,
>                    windowTitleFont,
>                    taskbarFont,
>                    showIconsOnPushButtons,
>                    animationsEnabled };

I would try to go for more specific names. For example, you might
refer to GIF animations or even flash-enabled sites instead of the
GUI when you say animationsEnabled. I know this is unlikely and
probably hair-splitting, but using names like UIgeneralFont,
UIanimationsEnabled or IOdefaultPrinter can't hurt.


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