[PATCH] KHTML Remove unnecessary repaints

Roman Jarosz R.Jarosz at sh.cvut.cz
Sat Feb 9 19:49:29 GMT 2008


This patch remove unnecessary repaints in KHtmlView when static widget is used.

The repaints are caused by move call in QScrollAreaPrivate::updateWidgetPosition. This patch
suppresses calls to that function. It also adds function for scrollbar update because
updateWidgetPosition is called from QScrollAreaPrivate::updateScrollBars.

This is hacky but right now we change the position back to 0,0 every time the updateWidgetPosition
is called so why not suppress the call. This will also remove flickering that can be seen in Kopete,
because the contents is first painted at wrong position (this is result of the move call) and then
at good one.

Can I commit?

Roman Jarosz

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