Problems with kio-giobridge, kfiledialog and remote URIs

nf2 nf2 at
Tue Feb 5 01:47:14 GMT 2008


KFileDialog doesn't seem to follow the folder hierarchy on sftp servers 
when trying to "save-as" a file with KWrite. It always shows the root of 
the "share" (sftp://user@server/) in the location bar, and doesn't care 
to which sub-folder i browse. When i hit the save button it always tries 
to upload the file to the root of the share.

I'm not sure what i have implemented incorrectly in kio-giobridge. In 
dolphin, for instance, everything seems to work, the open dialog in 
Kwrite also works (but it doesn't show the sub-folders in the location 
bar either).


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