New KMessageBox Style

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Mon Feb 4 18:32:53 GMT 2008

Torsten Rahn wrote:
> I like this version - I'd maybe try to make the watermark about 300-500% 
> larger so that you only see parts of the icon filling about 25% of the 
> message area on the right (so it would be kind of "echoing" the icon on the 
> left).
IMHO this would really look koolest of all.. render the SVG at a pretty large size (x00%) with only 
a quarter or so covering the bottom-right corner (rtl: bottom-left :) of the box.. then we can 
benchmark on-the-fly SVG (caching doesn't make sense with this does it?) rendering displaying 
KDialogs ;)
pinhiero could you try this and post a shot? I like your initial idea but it seems consent not to 
remove the primary icon on the left and make it optional to show the one in the background..
anyways looking forward to see more kreepy kreatures from your oxystein experiments ;D

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