Dragon Player in kdereview, proposed move into kdemultimedia

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon Feb 4 16:34:31 GMT 2008

On Monday 04 February 2008, Ian Monroe wrote:

> > So obviously in that case your exception statement does not change
> > anything. In the other case, where the software stack is (L)GPL and your
> > application is GPLv2/v3, there is a clear benefit from using an exception
> > statement.
> But given that part of the software stack is GPLv2/3 (Qt) then it
> doesn't change anything right? Unless Nokia/Trolltech changes
> something.

True. But even if Nokia/Trolltech changes something, nothing changes as dragon 
player is GPLv2/3. :-) What was first, the henn or the egg?

> Anyways if it doesn't change anything now, I won't bother changing it
> now. 

Too bad. It will be a sad day once we discover that we're stuck with the 
license because one of the main copyright holders has disappeared in the 
(far) future. 

> I'll ping the Kaffeine dev's the next time I see them online, 
> they have some copyright over a file in Dragon Player. A switch to a
> media codec exemption shouldn't be too hard, as Max Howell and I own
> most of Dragon Player.

Thanks for your efforts. 


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