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Loïc Marteau loic.marteau at
Wed Dec 31 23:56:54 GMT 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Urs Wolfer <uwolfer at> wrote:
> On Monday 29 December 2008 05:46:56 Loïc Marteau wrote:

>> 4- For the notification plasmoid that dont have icon setted when the
>> user copy or move a file I dont know where to search to resolve the
>> problem

I found the problem :
The job notification come from a generic function in
kuiserverjobtracker that automatically call the dbus stuff :

    QDBusReply<QDBusObjectPath> reply =

     componentData.aboutData()->appName(),    <- used for setted the


He take the componentData.aboutData()->appName() for choosing the
icon, and this dont work with dolphin as "dolphin".png does not exist
anywhere because the fd spec ask us to call this icon

So the hackich way is to copy the system-file-manager icon to a
dolphin one. I still dont have find how to do that (perhaps can
someone point me the exact script that can do that) and i'm not sure
that this is we really want to do.

Perhaps an other solution to set a correct icon instead of asking for
the appname is to ask for the job title and have icons for such
actions. Dont know if it is better for usability ?
But reading the api from KJob im not sure that we can get the title
action easily.

About the fd spec im asking myself which "system-file-manager" icon
kde should give when user set the default file browser application to
konqueror. Perhaps the most proper solution to that is to really have
a dolphin icon and a way to link the konqueror or the dolphin one,
depending on the default file manager, for the system-file-manager
icon. This will resolve our first issue too.

>> 4bis- Sometimes this notifications are not really relevant when the
>> user is directly responsible of the action and the action take no time

This is solved now by adding a little delay to show the job in plasma

I have a last question about mimetype stuff.

example :
.srt is a registered mimetype and does not have proper icon. Should i
copy the icon from plain text file as a workaround (stilll dont know
how to do that) or is this some way to link the icon to this one ?

Cheers and happy new good years ! You devs are my heroes and I really
think that things like kde and open source software are something
really important to make the world better !


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