[PATCH] Copying from non-local file to sftp kioslave fails

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Sat Dec 27 14:14:30 GMT 2008


this fixes the problems that pop up when copying files from a non-local source 
to an sftp destination (eg sftp/tar/smb => sftp).

The main problem is that KIO::SlaveBase::readData(buffer) nulls the buffer if 
there's no data to read. sftpProtocol::sftpWrite outputs such a nulled buffer 
to a QDataStream which outputs 0xffffffff instead of the expected empty string 
(please note that this only happens at EOF).

Not writing if there's nothing more to write seems like the best solution. I 
checked the RFC and openssh's sftp and there's no need to do an "empty" write 
at the end of the file.

Still it would be great if someone could take a second look at it.

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