[PATCH] kjs/lookup.h

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sat Dec 27 08:50:33 GMT 2008

Since it's really late in the run-up to KDE 4.2 and I haven't pushed in my 
compile / correctness fixes up to now, I'm going to post them to -core-devel 
one at a time to see if they can still go in. I've got 25 files patched; about 
half of the changes really are Solaris-specific twiddling (like undefining 
UNICODE in the encoding guesser because it uses UNICODE as an enum value, or 
working around a seeming compiler bug in kjs/wtf/Vector.h) and the other half 
are things I think are generally applicable.

This patch works around the workaround for gcc bugs in kjs/lookup.h; those of 
us without gcc don't hit that problem, but the non-gcc set of defines seems to 
be inconsistent in where the JS object cache lives. With a small massage we 
can put the cache into namespace KJS when that is supported.

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