Qt bug handling suggestion

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Fri Dec 12 13:26:53 GMT 2008


 In our bugzilla there are some bugs that are believed to be bugs in Qt, not 
in KDE, yet they affect how KDE looks and works. They are right now under the 
kdelibs product, qt component, here is  a link  to them (hopefully usable):

(or http://tinyurl.com/6yv7q8 until it expires).

The problem with this is that Qt developers don't read our bugzilla and we 
cannot be sure that the reporter created a Qt bug report as well. Actually I 
think it is safe to assume that he did not. And even if he did, we don't know 
if it was solved, was rejected or what is the status, so we cannot act in any 

I have two suggestions:
1) the bugsquad team would do a kdelibs/qt day and for the reports that are 
still valid would create a Qt report and link the Qt task number into the bug 

2) for new bugs whoever reviews the bug and decides it is in Qt, please create 
a corresponding Qt report and link the task number into the KDE bug report. 

I think this would make a better Qt and a better KDE in the future.


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