man page docbooks

Allen Winter winter at
Wed Dec 10 01:05:36 GMT 2008

>2) 44 application and kdesdk/scripts man pages (kmag, kappfinder, kstars
> indi drivers etc...). These man pages are from 2003 and 2005, a lot of them
> generated from debian man pages.
>Most of these docbooks are not properly installed (no man page is
> generated), so they can not be displayed. This is the case afaik since kde
> 3.3.
>Is no 2 intended or just an oversight?

My memory says... Debian has a requirement for man pages for all installed user programs..
So a long time ago someone wrote a script to take the output of 'kfoo --help' along with 
a kfoo.lsm and build a kfoo man page.  On the theory that something is better than nothing.

Some of the man pages you are finding are not autogenerated-- the kmag man page
was written by Lauri Watts.

If the CMakeLists.txt files are not installing a man page, that probably means
we never installed that page... even in the KDE3 days.

However.. I think we should install them.

I do not think we should translate autogenerated man pages.

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