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Hi all,
sorry for jumping a little late in this thread
but i was willing to get polkit in shape
before saying something here.
First i'd like to say that our idea is
to provide a very useful API for applications
like date & time kcm, login manager kcm,
and as someone said that he tried but could
do nothing with polkit. I'm saying that i myself
will help with the change for at least Date & Time,
and we will provide a nice techbase tutorial
explaining how PolicyKit works and how can we
benefit from it.

Also someone said that kde should no trust in
new users (like me) cause we might give and
leave the project unmaintained. Well that's
100% TRUE, but WHO guarantees that any person
will not move on? :P

So seriously it very important to have PolkiKde
in 4.2 because this way it's easier to have more
people hunting the last bugs, as no official
kde application does use that.
I'd like to ship KPackagekit in 4.2 too,
but i didn't had time to fix all missing things
as polkitkde was more important.
In 4.3 with polkit-kde this will be easier.

Ok, so i'm here to ask to put it into KDEReview,
there are a few things missing:
- Some fixes in authorization Model
  This includes a better function to grab an
  index for a given action string.
- Fix some leaks in the manager
- Add a config for preferences of manager
- Fix a bug (no crash), because QSocketNotifier
  emits too many changes.

As you can see we worked hard and there is just a
few missing things for it be 100% usable,
it's now 98% (not including the lib).

For 4.3 we will do the lib, and some tutorials.

So as some of you voted for an exemption i do
believe now is the time to take a look over


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On Monday 17 November 2008 21:58:46 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Monday 17 November 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> ...
> > Why PolicyKit-kde should be in 4.2:
> >
> > * So we aren't waiting another 6 months in this, frankly, embarassing
> > situation
> Yes, if we don't include it now the first KDE4 release to have it will be
> 4.3, scheduled for June 30th, 2009.
> Still a quite long time.
> So, I agree with Aaron, I also vote for an exception.

Why is extragear/base not an option?

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