kcmodule and kcmoduleproxy

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Fri Dec 5 14:33:41 GMT 2008

Nick Shaforostoff wrote:
>> 800x600
> Actually, I'd like to raise question of shifting to 1024x600 (netbooks), or:
> -support 800x600
> -support 1024x600 if 800x600 is too hard to achieve
> I'm considering now relayouting web-browsing config page:
> http://youonlylivetwice.info/konq-web-after2.png
> http://youonlylivetwice.info/konq-web-after.png --this is how it looks
> now in SVN
> http://youonlylivetwice.info/konq-web-before.png -- this is how it
> looked before I got my hands on it

Nice work!

For consistency, I suggest moving the non-boxed options ("Allow 
automatic(...), "Access Key(...)", "Underline links" and "Smooth 
scrolling") to a group box. Label for this group box could be "General 
Settings" or "Misc".

It would also be more HIG compliant to have the combo box labels right 
aligned and having the labels and the combo boxes together, using 
spacers after the combo boxes. Something like this:

  Underline links: [____________|v] |~~~~~~~~~~~~|
Smooth scrolling: [____________|v] |~~~~~~~~~~~~|

> Or: maybe I should move 'Bookmarks' box to 'Bookmarks' slave config page?

Yes, I think it makes sense to have all bookmarks settings in the 
"Bookmarks" config page. But it should be reworked a bit: right now it 
is only about the "bookmark start page".


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