KProcess Line Mode Patch

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Dec 1 15:12:03 GMT 2008

On 01.12.08 12:32:08, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Hi,
> based on the work described on  
> there is a  
> patch appended which implements a line buffering mode directly in 
> KProcess.
> The advantage of this approach is that this feature is directly  
> available from kdecore and therefore no additional class located  
> somewhere in the related package source is required.
> How it works:
> 1.Line buffering mode ist enabled with the
>    void setOutputLineMode(bool mode);
> 2.There are new KProcess signals available which indicates available lines.
>    void readyReadLineStandardOutput();
>    void readyReadLineStandardError();
> 3. The lines could be fetched with
>    QStringList &readLinesStandardOutput(QStringList &out=QStringList());
>    QStringList &readLinesStandardError(QStringList &out=QStringList());
> 4. non standard line delimiters could be set by
>    void setOutputLineDelimiter(QString &delim=QString());
> Any comments or objections ?

Thiago and Ossi already commented on all the technical problems and wether
this is really so much needed. Sure having some line-splitting in kdelibs
might be good, but splitting a QByteArray at '\n' and returning the lines +
"rest" is a simple function in a namespace (or working on QString instead)
no need to fiddle around with delimiters, encodings and so on on a KProcess

So -1 from me.


Tomorrow will be cancelled due to lack of interest.

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