Review request for kio_bookmarks

Xavier Vello xavier.vello at
Sun Aug 31 16:25:09 BST 2008


I think it's time to review kio_bookmarks for kdebase-runtime integration.
You can read about it at
I already did releases at
There are still a few quirks but it's already quite usable.

A little checklist :
  - compiles and runs with 4.1 and trunk
  - user documentaion for the kio and the kcm in kio_bookmarks/doc (not 
installable by itself, but to be copied to kdebase/runtime/doc)
  - one krazy issue, but it seems to be a false positive (missing "computer" 
icon while kickoff uses it)
  - completely translatable

This is my first Qt/KDE software, please tell me if I have coded things wrong. 
I'm subscribed to the list and on irc (xvello) if you need to contact me.

Xavier Vello

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