Maintainership KFileWidget and KDirOperator

Peter Penz peter.penz at
Sun Aug 31 12:36:11 BST 2008

Am Saturday, 30. August 2008 17:08:25 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> On Friday 29 August 2008, Peter Penz wrote:
> > During the last 2 months around 7 people committed changes to KFileWidget
> > and/or KDirOperator. Would there be a brave volunteer who could take over
> > the task of maintaining those 2 classes?
> not sure if i want to take over official maintainership just yet, but i
> will start to monitor commits made to these classes ...

Thanks, this would be a great help.

> as for the list of regressions in your email, are you already working on
> those for now or should i be looking into those as well?

I had a look into the "type folder/file into the location editor" issues, but 
I could not find a solution that really seems to solve the root of the issue 
(and I did not want to solve them by local workarounds [1]). I did not look at 
the single-click-closes-dialog change and the preview-issue.

I'm on vacation for 2 weeks starting from Sep. 6th and would like to solve 
some high-priority issues in Dolphin before. So at least during the next 3 
weeks I did not intend to work on KFileDialog/KDirOperator (for sure I'll try 
to help and provide fixes and improvements later).

Best regards,

[1] KFileWidgetPrivate::_k_locationActivated(const QString& url) is invoked 
with the URL "folder" instead of e. g. "file://home/aseigo/folder". Afterwards 
KDirOperator::setUrl("folder") is invoked. I initially thought that 
KFileWidgetPrivate::_k_locationActivated() should already be invoked with a 
full URL, but after checking the code in KDirOperator::setUrl() this does not 
seem to be the case. So before introducing a change in the semantics of 
methods, I wanted to have a look on the changes done during the last 2 months. 
This got very time consuming (remove patches, do tests, face new regressions, 
...) and hence I gave up a little bit frustrated ;-) Well, maybe I just did 
not have a good day and I'm quite sure that a clean solution might be only a 
few lines of code (the KDE3 code worked very well and no intended semantic 
changes have been done during porting the code to KDE4).

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