Fwd: Re: Color issues on KMultiTabBarTab, KUrl(Navigator)Button and KCapacityBar

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at web.de
Sat Aug 30 17:52:04 BST 2008

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Subject: Re: Color issues on KMultiTabBarTab, KUrl(Navigator)Button and 
Date: Saturday 30 August 2008
From: Thomas Lübking <thomas.luebking at web.de>
To: ereslibre at kde.org

Am Saturday 30 August 2008 schrieb Rafael Fernández López:
> I don't think hard coded colors are doing any good anywhere. I actually
> think hard coded values should just be avoided everywhere.

> What it assumes is that HighlightedText will contrast with Window, what I
> think is acceptable.
me neither, but if the goal is a gloss, you'll need to play on the color value 
rather than introducing new colors and as you use alpha blending e.g. 
255,255,255,128 -> 0,0,0,0 will include the highlight color as well.
playing on the alpha value will provide you different glosses

gradients.cpp in the bespin code contains some functions for gloss/color
creation (usually you need to catch high saturated colors, shift hue etc. - 
the question is really, what you want to gain...)

> I will not accept any patch that will try to set a hard coded value to any
> of the widget settings. However, I would accept a patch that with some
> logic makes this work all right in all cases.
...the "hardcoded Qt::white" fg should have been *Qt::black*, anyway:
as you've got the bg (QPalette::Base) in the upper and QPalette::Highlight in 
the lower part there's no guarantee for a global solution, but you could check 
the fgcolor grey value and draw a translucent black or white shadow or halo 
around the text (e.g. by painting the text two times with 0,0,0,20, translated 
-1,-1 and 1,1 - for a cheap effect w/o real blurring)
if you drop the second color and just operate on QPalette::Highlight and keep 
the gloss flat you can of course use QPalette::HighlightedText

> If you can provide me a color scheme that is causing problems I will be
> very happy of trying to trigger this issue down.
basically everything where former HighlightedText and (probably) now Base are 
dark or black won't make a glass/gloss effect (as glosses are just 
brightest/dark/darkest/bright variants of a color you should not need other 
colors anyway)



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