[PATCH]][Fwd: Changes in Strigi caused build problems in 4.1 BRANCH]

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Aug 29 13:49:20 BST 2008

Alex Merry wrote:
> This is due to a change in Strigi.  The Strigi currently in kdesupport will 
> work with KDE trunk but not KDE 4.1.  I think Strigi 0.5.x should work with 
> 4.1, but not trunk.
After considerable research I again report that it doesn't work -- it
will not compile.

The problem should be stated clearly.

KDELibs 4.1 BRANCH will not build against Strigi 0.5 BRANCH.

The reason is that revision 852727 changed line 43 in:



signed char analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult&, InputStream*) {


char analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult&, InputStream*) {

AND revision 849001 changed line 37 in:



virtual char analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult& idx, InputStream* in)=0;


virtual signed char analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult& idx, InputStream* in)=0;

NOTE: the strigi-0.5.10 does not contain this change.

To summarize:  The type in KDELibs went from "signed char" to
"[unsigned] char" and the type in Strigi went from "[unsigned] char" to
"signed char".

The stated purpose of revision 852727 was: "Fix compilation".

Well DUH! :-D

Might I suggest that this needs more work.  I don't know which is the
error (probably the one with the higher number), but I would suggest
that one of them be reverted.

IAC, if 852727 was the error, we are back to my patches.

OTOH, if 4.1.1 is not going to include 849001, then the Strigi-0.5 
BRANCH needs to include a warning that it is not compatible with KDE-4.1.1.

This type of a change will always cause problems.  The only way to avoid 
them is to have KDE-4.x.y check to see that it has the exact version of 
Strigi that it needs.


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