Tagging kdesupport projects

Michael Pyne mpyne at purinchu.net
Thu Aug 28 22:50:29 BST 2008

On Thursday 28 August 2008, Sebastian TrĂ¼g wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 August 2008 21:52:23 Allen Winter wrote:
> > Howdy,
> >
> > If you are a developer of a kdesupport project, please make sure
> > that your latest-and-greatest stable version is tagged
> > in our subversion tags repository.
> >
> > The "lastest-and-greatest stable version" should be the version
> > that we need to use when building trunk.
> ?
> That does not make sense for me. Soprano in trunk is not stable, thus no
> release. Why do we need a tag for trunk?

He means KDE trunk.  i.e. what released version of Soprano is required to 
build KDE trunk?  If there is no released version (for example, if your answer 
is "build kdesupport trunk!" :) then you need to make a release, even if it's 
just "this is a snapshot and will eat your babies" release.  Also please make 
a tag for said release so that it can be copied later to a kdesupport "needed-
for-kde" tag (probably with a better name but whatever).

 - Michael Pyne
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