Next stop on toolbar handling. Konqueror (& more)

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Thu Aug 28 21:00:56 BST 2008


And... just a note aside. We are thinking as developers. We all know there is 
a toolbar called "mainToolbar". Then my question as a user would be, if I 
changed this toolbar here, why when I change to another component (which no 
icon is matching with the other component actions on the main toolbar) is this 
toolbar here. I will place it on the original position and go to the other 
component, hey ! why is the toolbar again here !.

I really believe as a user I only see toolbars. If there is one that is 
different from the others, there should be some visual difference. If one 
toolbar because of being moved on a certain components will affect others, the 
user should be expecting that.

For that reason, if you see the first toolbar (as developer "mainToolbar") has 
been moved to the bottom because on the other component you moved to the 
bottom, you can ask yourself if the second toolbar (since Component A and 
Component B) will be moved to the bottom on the Component B because of having 
been moved on the Component A. The answer is obviously: no. But, why this 
toolbar is behaving differently than the rest if they are the same to my sight 

Rafael Fernández López.
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