Internal Stuff in APIDOX

Allen Winter winter at
Wed Aug 27 14:40:32 BST 2008


A few notes about documenting internal classes and class members with doxygen...

If you don't want the documentation for the file foo.h to show up at all on
  1. rename foo.h to foo_p.h.   we automatically ignore _p.h files
  2. add the line //DOXYGEN_SET_EXCLUDE=foo.h to the project Mainpage.dox

If you want the file to show up on, but you don't want certain parts
of the file to be processed:
  put a conditional around the internal parts, like so:
        @cond INTERNAL
  we never define INTERNAL, but you can define it yourself in Mainpage.dox
  if you ever choose to do so at a later date

If you want the internal dox to be shown, but you want them marked as such
then use the @internal tag.  @internal will be replaced with "For Internal Use Only"
on the output files.

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