How to create a non-modal KMessageBox?

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Aug 26 14:48:24 BST 2008


 %subj%? I.e. without the function re-entering the event loop? Since I need a 
dialog in a kded module and as such it's a pretty bad idea to do that.

 I can see there is KMessagetBox::NoExec, but I have absolutely no idea how to 
use it, since if I pass it to e.g. KMessageBox::questionYesNo(), I won't get 
anything useful. There is KMessageBox::queuedMessageBox(), but again, I don't 
get anything useful out of that. And finally, I see 
KMessageBox::createKMessageBox(), which however after looking at the sources 
should be rather named createKMessageBoxButDoOnlyHalfOfTheNeededStuff().

 I am missing something about the usage? Otherwise for the usual sorry(), 
questionYesNo() etc. statics I will add createXYZ() methods that do the 
functionality and make the statics just use that and execute the dialog.

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