Review needed: Add support of lzma in KDE

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Aug 24 14:49:18 BST 2008

A Diumenge 24 Agost 2008, Thiago Macieira va escriure:
> Nicolas Lécureuil wrote:
> >hi,
> >
> >in mandriva we use lzma to compress some tarballs, manpages, ... so we
> >needed to add support to lzma into KDE, which have been done by Per
> >Øyvind Karlsen
> >
> >Can someone review the two patches and tell me if i  can commit  them
> >into trunk ?
> Wrong list. kde-devel is for development of applications with KDE;
> kde-core-devel is about development of KDE.
> Cross-posting there. When replying, please remove kde-devel from the Cc.
> >
> >
> In kdelibs/kdecore/compression/klzmafilter.cpp, you have a #define with
> two underscores. Two underscores are reserved, so you must be changing
> some gcc and/or glibc specific configuration. Can you find a solution
> without that?
> A few lines in the same file have tabulation, while most don't. That's
> probably unintentional. Before committing, please remove the tabs. (same
> for kdebase/runtime/nepomuk/strigibackend/sopranoindexwriter.cpp)
> In kdebase/runtime/doc/kioslave/lzma.docbook, you have
> <author>&Lauri.Watts; &Lauri.Watts.mail;</author>. Did Lauri really write
> that file or did you copy/paste from somewhere else? I don't know the
> policy here...
> In all the patch looks fine and I'd say commit.

I see klzmafilter.cpp and .h are LGPLv2 only, any chance they are LGPLv2+


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