[PATCH] Allow application to use a website for documentation.

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sun Aug 24 01:33:09 BST 2008

Op zondag 24 augustus 2008 02:11 schreef u:
> The idea of using wiki-doc is being discussed on kde-doc-english
> and there is strong opposition there.

This is not about whatever wiki system will be choosen, this is about giving application maintainers the choice to do their documentation in an other way than via khelpcenter. It can point to a drupal website, it can point to a forum, it can point to a wiki. 

> Yep.  And as you point in another message, there are many Intranets around
> that have zero to very limited access to the Internet.

There are even more intranets out there that have internet access. These statement are irrelevant to the patch though. The maintainer can judge if it makes sense to have to have the documentation on an internet site or in khelpcenter.

> At this time I would also have to object to the patch.

Can you please provide me the arguments for that? What on earth is wrong with a patch that extends the functionality of kdelibs, which is used by more application than those that live in the main kde modules. What is in essence the difference with the already made exception for reporting bugs in a different way than bko? We have code for that too in the same files iirc.


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