[PATCH] Allow application to use a website for documentation.

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sat Aug 23 23:30:27 BST 2008

On Saturday 23 August 2008, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op zaterdag 23 augustus 2008 23:19 schreef u:
> > FWIW, IMO this change must not be committed before a way to provide
> > offline documentation has been implemented.
> I have to disagree. Mailody is useless without Internet, so offline
> documentation is not needed for me. It's all about choice, provide
> the application maintainer the possibility to do it. I don't see any
> harm in committing this patch as it adds an option and does not
> change existing behaviour at all.

I knew you'd say this. You are wrong in your assumption that Mailody is 
useless without access to the Internet.

a) Mailody does not need the Internet. It needs an IMAP server and an 
SMTP server. In restrictive environments Mailody will not have access 
to the Internet but only to the companies mail servers.

b) Since Mailody now uses Akonadi it is not useless without network 
access. It works perfectly well in offline mode.

> > It's a common misconception
> > among geeks that everybody has fast Internet access (because being
> > geeks most geeks have fast Internet access).
> It's a common misconception that all applications can run without
> internet access ;-)

Sorry for spoiling your fun, but Mailody can run without Internet 
access. :-p

> Seriously I prefer online up-to-date good looking
> documentation than old one offline.

Me too. But at the same time I prefer outdated ugly looking 
documentation (I'd be perfectly okay with a man page) over no 

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