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Sat Aug 23 22:08:59 BST 2008

Michael Leupold wrote:
>To my understanding it's not cross-platform because dbus-win uses tcp/ip
>instead of named pipes as transport (and that there's some problems
> leading to them using that one). Right?

No. Even with named pipes you can't get that info on Windows.

>Could you please explain in which circumstances retrieving the PID might
> not work? Unfortunately information on it is pretty sparse.

Getting the PID of the other side of a Unix socket is an extension 
called "peer credentials" (PEERCRED). I am not sure POSIX mandates that 
extension. So it's not a cross-platform feature.

In any case, the D-Bus session bus could be running on TCP/IP even on 
Linux. It doesn't have to be Windows.

Finally, D-Bus could also be running on a platform where there's no 
concept of PID. KDE probably won't run there, but nonetheless it's 
possible for D-Bus.

Anyways, with a PID, the only cross-platform thing that you can do is send 
a signal using kill(2). That's POSIX. Anything else --including obtaining 
the path of the executable-- is not cross-platform, even to other Unix 
(Solaris, BSDs, MacOS X, where we do run). I wouldn't be surprised to 
find out some hardened security extensions to Linux also blocking that 

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