Label alignment patches

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Tue Aug 19 22:30:10 BST 2008

A Dimarts 19 Agost 2008, Celeste Lyn Paul va escriure:
> I'm trying to learn QT4 Designer and be more useful.  Attached are patches
> to .ui files I felt comfortable fixing (read: I didn't think I could screw
> up).  The patches are label alignment and a few text label and and
> punctuation changes.  I didn't know the best way to submit these, so maybe
> someone can take a look and commit them when they get a chance?

I've commited them, EditProfileDialog had a "bug" in which it changed the 
default tab of the tabwidget from first to last, please try to save ui files 
with the correct default tab being shown.


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