KGlobal::config() issue

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Tue Aug 19 19:53:19 BST 2008


Testing kiosk and external profiles, i fall down in some issue that i can't 
identify if this have the proper behavior

The fact is that we have a kde4rc profile defined, so our path would be
ourprofile/share/config -> /usr/share/config -> $HOME/.kde4/share/config

Usually, kconfig respects this hierarchy and looks first for resource on 

But KGlobal::config is not. Is looking only with $HOME/.kde4/share/config, 
then always returning default entry.

Easy example
Create an kde4rc file with this:

create a /tmp/test/share/config/kdeglobals with:

Create a clean user with no .kde and start
Do a kcmshell4 style

You will see that plastique theme is selected, but you are using oxygen

Why ?
kdelibs/kdeui/kernel/kglobalsettings.cpp have this entry in 

<code snippet>
    KConfigGroup pConfig (KGlobal::config(), "General");
    QString styleStr = pConfig.readEntry("widgetStyle", defaultStyle);
</code snippet>

This readEntry is looking only for local config, not the hierarchy provided 
ofr kde4rc.

Any tips ? 

Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Project
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