Nepomuk Labelling in System Settings

Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at
Mon Aug 18 13:12:19 BST 2008

We are going through labelling in Kubuntu in preparation for Ibex and I have 
some questions for upstream.  Generally, you can either label by brand 
(application or service name) or labelling by function or task.  We've 
elected to label by function or task since it will be easier for users who 
are not familiar with KDE technologies to find and guess what different 
things do.

For example, we are currently using "Sound" for Phonon (but plan on 
relabelling it to "Sound and Video" or "Multimedia" since Phonon handles 
both).  Currently we are using "Solid" for hardware, but plan on relabelling 
it to "Hardware".

We are also using "Nepomuk", but has the same brand-awareness issue of Phonon 
and Solid.  Currently almost all the options in the module have to do with 
Strigi and I am under the impression that Nepomuk is essentially for search.  
We would like to rename it to "Search" or "Semantic Search" or whatever.  Is 
this basically correct?  All of the semantic features I know of are for the 
end purpose of searching, browsing, or filtering. We will still use "Nepomuk" 
in the actual module.  This label change is only for the link label in System 

~ Celeste

Celeste Lyn Paul
KDE Usability Project

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