[PATCH] Toolbar borkage fix

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sun Aug 17 20:57:38 BST 2008

Hi all,

Toolbars are broken on KDE. The patch:

fixes them. In Kontact I also have another patch to complement it:

In theory what was happening (from my understanding) is that it depends on the 
active component (or the current component) how the toolbars should be saved.

As we have usually more than one mainToolbar (depending on the component that 
is active), at the moment of saving (and switching toolbars) Qt was going 
crazy with the saveState() and restoreState() mechanism.

Now, depending on the component that is active, the toolbar state of each 
component is retrieved and loaded/saved.

Are this patches OK to be committed ?

Rafael Fernández López.

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