Fixing up kinfocenter/pci

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Thu Aug 7 16:44:23 BST 2008

The PCI data module for kinfocenter adds -fpermissive (a gcc-ism) to the 
compile flags, to compensate for its use of nested anonymous unions and other 
non-standard things. I waded through it, named all the unions and generally 
hammered into compilable shape without -fpermissive. The patch is 80k, so not 
attached but available at . Some 
parts of the code look dodgy to me, like some unions which look like they 
should be structs instead and some unions of members with different sizes -- 
not to mention that all these binary structures are using integer types as if 
they have a fixed size instead of uint_8_t or uint16_t .. anyway, does the 
patch look sensible to commit in 4.1 branch and trunk?

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