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Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Mon Aug 4 16:53:01 BST 2008

Il Monday 04 August 2008 14:37:18 Mauricio Piacentini ha scritto:
> Hi, Dirk. I am not sure this is the solution in the long term, but I
> guess it will have to do while TT does not fix the renderer. I would not
> ask Eugene to comment on this thread, but we can talk about this a bit
> in Akademy if you want to hear one of our artist's thoughts about
> limitations in the renderer...

I'd love to join the discussion.

> I *thought* someone mentioned that the webkit renderer would be used in
> the future in Qt, and that was the reason the built-in one was lagging
> behind. Was that a plan at some point in time?

That's what I've been told by trolls at lastest akademy, when friendly 
complaining ;-) with them about the quality of QSvgRenderer.
Looks like it's no more the case as WebkitSvg has been said to be too slow, 
but I'll let some TT internal that knows stuff better than me answer.

> In games for example we use QtSvgRenderer for everything, and the
> artists working on the module have to go through several hoops to
> conform the art to the svg subset accepted by QtSvgRenderer. This means
> for example lots of limitations when dealing with masks and filled
> borders (check the alphabet.svgz tileset for KMahongg and KShisen to see
> how the artist had to work around that in a very time-consuming way.)

Yup, QtSvg right now is really preventing doing complex/cool stuff within KDE 
apps. :\
Designing stuff that work in Qt is a real hell, too.
That's also why in Plasma for most themes people use to embed PNGs into SVG, 
and that's soo bad... :(

> Ideally, I would like to see QtSvgRenderer rendering that is equal to
> what we get in Inkscape, since that is the tool most artists use. I know
> Inkscape is not the perfect renderer, but it is way better than
> QtSvgRenderer and could be used as a benchmark imo.

I agree. FYI, I've been told (no tried) that the new Karbon will bring 
significant improvements, too. If it will support enough features, we could 
switch to that tool in the not-so-far future, currently there are many flaws 
in inkscape's interface. And it ships with its own SVG renderer, not sure of 
its speed, but maybe we can take some bits from there?

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