Qt SVG renderer

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Fri Aug 1 21:26:58 BST 2008

Il Tuesday 29 July 2008 08:57:29 Thiago Macieira ha scritto:
> I see a few blatant errors in some errors that look like the icon was
> drawn on top of others. If those are Qt errors, those should be easy to
> fix. But please check that it isn't the generating program's fault.

Sorry for stepping in this discussion just now but I haven't seen this thread 
until pinheiro told me about it today, which is kinda fun because it's all 
about some icons I generated, and I didn't know about its existence. :-)

To answer to the junk problem (I'm going through the thread now), it's very 
unlikely that it's my program's fault, because it rendered just one icon at 
time, and it was called via system() (so I guess no ruby cache weirdness too) 
by a loop equivalent to the bash:

for file in $(ls *.svg)
   convertblabla $file

So I'm pretty confident it's not my script...
However, that looked pretty weird indeed, no clue what could be. :\

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