Behavior change in KPageDialog/KPageWidgetItem

Adam Treat treat at
Sat Sep 29 19:17:24 BST 2007


In KDE 3.5 the equivalent of KPageDialog had the ability to specify top-level 
pages that could not be selected and were just for categorization.  A prime 
example of this is Kate's config settings dialog.  The two top-level items 
could not be selected: Application and Editor.  Instead if you tried to 
select them it would just close the tree of subpages.

This is no longer the behavior in KDE4 and the API that allowed this has been 

	KDialogBase::setFolderIcon(const QStringList &path, const QPixmap &pixmap);

I do not see any equivalent API in KDE4 and am wondering what to do for Kate's 
configuration dialog.  The possibilities that I see:

1) Just get rid of the Tree mode and use a List and eliminate this problem.
2) Modify KPageWidgetItem to behave like KDE3.5 if it is constructed with a 
QWidget = 0.
3) Subclass KPageDialog/KPageWidgetItem in Kate app to try and duplicate the 
old behavior.

Suggestions, thoughts?



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