workaround for glibc bug

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Thu Sep 27 20:07:32 BST 2007


with phonon-xine one can hit a bug 
( in glibc rather easily. 
The short version of the bug: lazy symbol resolving in glibc is not 
threadsafe and can deadlock.

The fix for the bug was posted on Tue, 18 Sep 2007 so we can not really expect 
all systems to have the bug fixed when we release 4.0.

Tom Albers wrote:
> The debian-team thinks we should not 'depend' on it, only make a note in
> the requirements as in 'because of bug 897 we advise glibc version',
> where 897 is the bugreport from glibc.

If we can not require a fixed glibc perhaps I can put a workaround in 
phonon-xine, i.e. set LD_BIND_NOW to 1? Setting the RTLD_NOW flag for dlopen 
won't really help much because xine-lib loads a lot of plugins itself.

Opinions? People that know that this won't change a thing? :-)

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