KPixmapCache API change

Rivo Laks rivolaks at
Sat Sep 22 19:38:53 BST 2007


To conform to the KDE API guidelines, I want to rename KPixmapCache's 
loadFromSVG() method to loadFromSvg().
According to nothing is using it ATM so it should be a painless 
Is it ok to make the change on the coming Monday (24th)? If noone objects I 
will make it on Monday's afternoon/evening. If that's too soon, I can wait 
until the next Monday (1st October).

Also I want to change KPixmapCache::insert() to overwrite existing entries. 
ATM when you try to insert() an existing entry the method will return with 
error but overwriting the exisiting entry is better since it allows updating 
single entries without having to throw away the entire cache.


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