AW: [UPDATE] KDE 4.0.0 Release Schedule

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Tue Sep 18 20:34:12 BST 2007

> Von: Alexander Neundorf
> Gesendet: Montag, 17. September 2007 00:26
> An: kde-core-devel at; winter at
> Cc: Ralf Habacker
> Betreff: Re: [UPDATE] KDE 4.0.0 Release Schedule
> Would it be ok to require a newer version than CMake 2.4.5 for Windows ? I
> think we should allow this if it may be required.
> Ralf, Christian: which version of cmake are you using, is 2.4.5 good
> enough on
> Windows ?
> Alex
I don't think requiring a newer version of cmake for Windows would be a
problem but there are 2 other problems I would like solve:
1. MSVC creates external debug databases (.pdb files). Cmake currently
ignores them, but it has some advantages to install them.
2. kde4_add_kdeinit_executable
Using kdeinit to start executables doesn't gain anything on Windows, so I
would like to try to avoid using it. kde4_add_kdeinit_executable adds the
targets transparently, but you still have to use manual commands to link
libraries and install the application. It's not easily possible to switch
between using kdeinit and not using kdeinit.

If nobody has a better idea, I will add some macros for it.


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