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Hans Meine hans_meine at
Sun Sep 16 17:32:26 BST 2007

On Sonntag 16 September 2007, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> On Sunday 16 September 2007, John Tapsell wrote:
> > Many people don't realise that quite a few kde3 apps do actually use
> > the clipboard quite well - if you copy from konqueror, it will provide
> >  text/html  on the clipboard.  But there's no way to actually paste
> > this as text into an editor.
> How about fixing the apps instead ? To a non-techical user, this 'paste
> special' looks quite hostile. If one copies from a browser and pastes into
> a text-related app, one generally expects the pasted text to have as much
> of the original formatting retained as the app allows (plain text if its a
> text editor, formatted and colored text if it's a word processor).

Not at all.  I *hate* it when I just want to grab some text from a website and 
instead get all the colors, formatting and links.  It is often similarly 
difficult to remove the formatting or change it to that of the surrounding 
document as it is to add formatting.  I think I even saw third-party tools 
(for Windows IIRC) that allow to strip off formatting from clipboard contents 
to aid in this process.

IOW, I think different paste modes are really needed.  I think I would not 
call it "paste special", because I would not know what is special and what 
not, but "Paste as" or just "Paste..." with ellipsis in the menu and a 
(delayed?) menu added to the toolbar button would suit me I think.  Maybe the 
usability people have input on this, too.  BTW: I found the oocalc dialog 
for "special pasting" (Ctrl-Shift-V IIRC - cannot test ATM) quite useful.

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