Temporary KColorScheme change - hard-code some state colors

pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Sat Sep 15 15:21:04 BST 2007

A Saturday 15 September 2007 13:17:21, Richard Dale escreveu:
> On Saturday 15 September 2007, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> > I'm not that opposed to what happens in my current build: the text and
> > widgets become more gray, but the background stays the same.
> > - the window doesn't flash
> > - the window is still readable
> > - yet it is clear which window is active and which is not
> >
> > Now, who can tell me what is wrong with that?
> Firstly the technical issue was that this was an experimental feature that
> was being checked into the trunk when we are in the middle of a freeze and
> close to a release. It threatens the stability of the release if made the
> default option, in my opinion and others.
> Secondly, my non-technical subjective view was that yesterday, I tried
> running konsole and dolphin and flipping between them so the active window
> changed. I didn't like the effect because it seems too 'heavy handed'. All
> the color of everything surrounding the QColumnView in Dolphin changes, the
> color of both the scrollbar and its background in the column view, also
> changes. It really put you off and was tiring, as the when the views
> changed, you had to adjust to the new color scheme.
> I've just booted Mac OS X Tiger and tried the same test, flipping between a
> Terminal and the Finder. I said yesterday that no windowing system changes
> the contents of a window when it becomes inactive, but I was wrong because
> it does happen on Mac OS X. The blue scroll bar controls become transparent
> grey, and similarly any selected text changes from blue to grey. The window
> title bar on the Terminal becomes a lighter grey, and the red, yellow and
> green window buttons become transparent. The drop shadow becomes less deep
> for the inactive window. All these effects are subtle, and you tend not to
> even notice them unless you were looking for them.
> -- Richard

well that was the idea i had in mind realy sutle changes almost unoteceble, 
your brain tend to noteced them in a subconcius level but you dont, 
the "there is somthing difrent about it i cant say what" kinda of thing 
normaly wen we test this things we tend to exagerate them so e can test them 
in a way we can actuly see so probaly now its to much i haven seen them mysel 
couse i dont have kde 4 here. 
But like i said for alot of time the frist thing i want to do wen the pallete 
thing is fixed is to create a 3 decent color themes including the tewking of 
the inactive color pallete. that will iprove the overal look of the theme in 
several degreas, i think Matthew
 could bublish a screnie of the ui we will have to tweek it, you will notece 
we can make it realy sutle... I think that if we do it like that and make the 
windek butons less precvasive in the inactive mode along with the windeck 
title text it will be more than enough. to set the diferences.


core oxygen icon designer

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